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amazing journey to motherhood


I know i havent written in a long time,but i was so busy with my son as he is growing so fast ,i was just thinking that when we concieve a baby not knowing if it is boy or girl but always want the baby be in good health ,but slightly any problem  occurs we get so scared ...i have my own expierience on it ...
When i concieved i was in a diellama is it a right time for the baby?Am i ready to take the responsibility of the baby?As i prepared my self new problems raised i had little bleeding in the first three months for which i was very scared so this how i spent my first trimester.
In the second trimester i started expierincing the roller coaster drive in my stomach but my baby was too good that it didnt kick or move rapidly in the this time i was missing my mom so had a trip to mu SIL's place which i enjoyed and within no time my second trimester passed .
In the third trimester i got a blow of my life ,i got to know that the baby was suffering from hydronephrosis and at th…