Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Here are some of his details

HIEGHT :21.5"

The joys and challenge of mother hood was about to begin.I knew after the pradhan was born i had lots of hard work and at the same time fun.A new baby needs a constant care for both me and pradhan the physical changes which i went in 9 months will continue till i decide to breast feed the baby...

New baby on the block
Finally our big moment arrived and our little baby came out.Here's a glimpse at our new born's first few weeks of life.
Pradhan was displying some of the newborn reflexs and sometimes he was fun looking after leaving in the womb for 9 months i remember how we took him for his first check up,he had lost 1lb 
 He's likely smiling up a storm and maybe even laughing (the world's most delicious sound) or squealing in delight over Mommy's antics. It was fun seeing him do cooing sounds .
As he had hydronephrosis the county nurse came to visit him and also to know how we were taking care of him..she was very happy to see his growth as it was in full zoom

the first one month i wa son a special diet made by my mom and it is a common treatment given in INDIA after the delivery ..Pradhan was very quiet baby who slept all day long he was the same way all through the first 3 month..My mom was feeling bad that she couldnt spend much time with Pradhan 

when Pradhan turned to 4th month the county nurse said that he must fall on his tummy but he took his own sweet time to fall on his tummy.and on krishna janmasthmi he fell on his tummy ...after my  sweety pie fell on his tummy we had feast my mom prepared payasam...

Then since both my mom and dad had visited us we went to NIAGARA FALLS,TIMES SQUARE,NEW YORK and oops i missed out one place WISCONSIN its a place where my sweety pie saw crocodile and other wild animals and also touched deers for the first time in his new life...

We enjoyed these trips and as i started packing for my trip to INDIA and raghu got shingles i thought i would cancel my trip to INDIA but thank god it got cured very fast and i travelled to india with pradhan when he was 4 and  a half month old

Till we reach bombay pradhan was doing well but as we flied from mumbai to bangalore pradhan could'nt tolerate the ear pain he started to cry at top of his voice and i just couldnt manage him but as soon we landed he was ok.

This is how we travelled a big journey from CHICAGO TO INDIA...

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  1. Hey Akshata,You are very lucky:)....There is one more Bala Krishna in illinois....Congrats!!!!he fell on his tummy on janmashtami