Wednesday, January 21, 2009


PRADHAN'S India trip is one of the memorable moments for me because i hadn't expected nor have i thought once also about how i will cope up with pradhan without my mom's help but to my surprise i have spent most of the first year with mom ,dad and my brother arun ..

When i reached India i was so scared about pradhan's behaviour with everyone,i was thinking will he mingle with everyone,but everything went on so smoothly..
i spent my first week in bangalore at amma's place so i and pollu get adjusted with the weather and also jetlag,then we went to Raghu's ancestrol house MAvanthoor.My sister in law's and my hubby had scared me to be carefull as my co sister's son aditya was very naughty.But he was not as noughty as i thought he didnt do anything to pollu ,i spent my 3 weeks there and came to Bangalore.

Pradhan was 6 months at the time when i came to bangalore by then he had started to sit but to my surprise he learnt to crawl after he sit,he was enjoying the company of appu and muthu..I didnt go any where in these 2 months ,but i spent some money to dietician but i am too lazy to do as she had told me,but i have joined indusladies and i am getting motivation to diet from there ..

ohhhh i forgot to share that when pollu was 3 month old he called "amma" for the first time,pollu was becoming naughtier day by day,and at the same time i was feeling that raghu missed most of his developments [i really feel bad for that]and raghu came to india on a brief holiday and in this time we had Pradhan's naming ceremony in bangalore for which everyone had come and we enjoyed it thoroughly,ater 21dec 2008 we had function every week on 28th we had bhakti's naming ceremony[Raghu's cousin's daughter]and my uncle's 60th birthday ,next week i missed my cousin's engagement as we had gone for stamping luckily my MIL got visa for 10 years since she was coming along with us i missed going back with raghu,

Raghu spent one month with pollu i was very happy with that..and i am just waiting when will join him..You know most of the women are not lucky as me because they don't get fair amount of time to spend with their parents after the baby is born.For this golden opportunity i must thank Raghu and i would like to tell him that I LOVE HIM A LOT..

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