Monday, February 23, 2009


Today is 23rd February i got my first hair cut. My grand pa [ajja] and grand ma [amma ma]did my haircut and called it as mushroom cut ...As Raghu wanted to his hair cut to be done as early as possible because pollu was looking like a rock star with long hairs..
Today i and pollu went out to commercial street to celebrate my best friends birthday ANd today was Tilak's birthday..sick smileys as we where going to the hotel to have our lunch all of a sudden i stumled and fell onto the ground along with pollu luckily nothing happened to him ...For my surprise my sweet sister chaitra gave me a surprise birthday party which really amazing and it was my memorable day because i celebrated it with pollu and most with chaitra and tilak..Pollu enjoyed the birthday feast and he ate his first pastry ..Today is one of the memorable day which i cannot forget as my vaccation is going t o end ...i am feeling very sad to leave all of them and go to US on 27th ..I donno how i and pollu spent our 6 long vacction.


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