Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today afternoon as usual me and my mom where enjoying a sizzling hot cup of tea and later we noticed that our little angel was busy in his own world of toys like crying baby,his fav a little girl doll,and a drum ofcourse how could i miss it,he was just beating his way through the drum making some unbareable sounds,but it was very nice to hear,and after some time he saw his craddle and started hitting with his drum stick and within no seconds he started beating his drum first and cradlle to produce different kind of noice.

When we noticed it we just picturised SHIVAMANI but a junior SHIVAMANI .My mom enjoyed his every bit of exitement as she will miss it after some days..


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  1. u should hav recorded that ..he would feel happy when u ask him to listen that music ..after 10 yr or later