Friday, March 13, 2009


We were travelling on 28 feb and i reliased that we spent full 6 months ,time just flew so fast.Pradhan's grand ma and grand pa they had started to miss him...and my mom in law was in bangalore but at my SIL 's place so in the evening me and arun went to get her from Basavangudi..and it was already 6:30 in the evening by the time we reached back home..and i finished my packing after coming back.pollu was enjoying his last stay with chikki dodda arun mama,and everyone else at home..i was feeling bad to leave sonu and come and also..i was having mixed dielema as i was leaving my parents and at the other end was happy as i was meeting raghu..

The time had come to leave everyone and start our journey to airport...and on the way my mOm in law realised that she left her specs at home and she reliased it when we had reached yalahanka so it was difficult for us to return back home and get it was already 10:30 pm and we had to reach airport by 11.SO we tried our luck and called up shino to check if my uncle was at home and to our luck he was at home and he collected the specs and gave it to shino and biju they came to airport and dropped that specs the time came closer we had to enter the airport ..and it was difficult to have the baby and fill the forms with Mil for whom it was all new ,so daddy had asked some help from his friend who allowed amma to enter inside along with me..

In the counter there was lot of chaous and some how after a long process i finishe dmy work and we went to immigration counter an dwe finished that also and from here i and pollu bid a good bye to amma ,appa and arun...:( from here we were all alone with Mil and then we boarded the flight and reached Mumbai and here we slept till 6:30 am and then we were asked to change the terminal..and mean time i and pollu got freshened up and as we came to terminal i felt like a having a hot cup of coffee and after which boarding had started..from here our journey start for reunion with raghu .
We reached chicago we collected our baggage and when we came out Raghu was waiting eagerly for us and in the mean time in excitment we lost our important file in the airport and we had to give a police complaint..and as we came home raghu wanted to give me a surprise but the item which he had booked hadnt come on the given he just had to wish me....

So at home HE and his friend ARANI wished me on my birthday...

And this is how we reunited with DADDY..


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