Wednesday, May 13, 2009

After a long break coming back

HI guys i am coming back after a long break ...
i had a nice time being to tulip festival on 2nd of may and pollu enjoyed it a lot..he loved the flowers and you can see his picture..

He is getting naughtier day by day..and i waas just thinking when will he stop all this .And i guess it is not over as he will start talking in some time and will have so many question to of now i am happy to listen his talk in his own way..

we just finished our Anniversary which was just on the corner oops we finished 2 years of our married life and when i look back i can see we had so many ups and downs which we crossed together as partners and there are still more years to had prepared Carrot halwa on that day to celebrate our anniversary..

and i can see how i am winding a months incidents in one page ...


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