Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Its so surprising to see my son growing up and see him learn new words daily.It is so amazing that he is grasping so many words daily and the first word he wanted to change was amma to mommy and he calls me now MOMMY .these kids have thier own mind we dont know what is going on i am looking forward to see how he will change when he is a teenager,just crossing my finger..:)
I can feel now my little baby is now a toddler running around exploring new things,immitating us all around the day.He is becoming a BIG BOY.
we are very happy to see his language and cognitive development.
To help him more in this,I have enrolled him in a winter class where every week he has got some activities which is helping him a lot and he is over coming his Stranger anxiety so all is welll.........

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