Friday, March 19, 2010


The other day My Dear husband brought cashews from Market and i was just munching on it and it took me down to my memory lane where back in India when i used to go to my native to spend my summer holidays, i would find GONKU[in tulu] around the house and wonder how do they make cashews out of this fruit and i must tell you the fruit was really tasty..

It is a small evergreen tree growing to 10-12m (~32 ft) tall, with a short, often irregularly shaped trunk. The leaves are spirally arranged, leathery textured, elliptic to obovate, 4 to 22 cm long and 2 to 15 cm broad, with a smooth margin. The flowers are produced in a panicle or corymb up to 26 cm long, each flower small, pale green at first then turning reddish, with five slender, acute petals 7 to 15 mm long.

What appears to be the fruit of the cashew tree is an oval or pear-shaped accessory fruit (sometimes called a pseudocarp or false fruit) that develops from the receptacle of the cashew flower. Called the cashew apple.Some people are allergic to cashew nuts, but cashews are a less frequent allergen than nuts or peanuts.


The cashew apple may be consumed fresh, but contains high quantities of tannins yielding a bitter taste and dry mouth feel. It is more often cooked, partially dried, or candied, as in the Dominican Republic and India. The alcoholic drink, Feni, is made from fermented cashew apple juice in India. The wine made from the juice is said to be the finest made from tropical fruits. Per capita consumption of cashew is 0.8 lbs/year in the USA.



  1. Thanks for dropping by Akshata..Very informative post.. Hey my native is also Udupi and from your post it seems you speak tulu :)

  2. Hi Akshata, Thats wonderful to know you speak tulu.. I am also looking forward to talk to you.. Please pass on your email address and will get in touch with you :)