Sunday, March 28, 2010

Transition period for my 2 year old....

Here i am writing today about my son's transition period from breast milk to bottle,And though i must say it was the most difficult period for us as this transition was quite difficult for my son .
he just did not self-wean himself at a year, like I thought he would. I did a little research and decided I was OK with breastfeeding him until he was two years old, especially since that is what the American Assoc. of Pediatrics recommends. However, now that he is over two years old, he show no sings of stopping and, in fact, worships my breasts with the ardor of a true believer. We breastfeed to fall asleep (THAT was my big mistake), both at naptime and bedtime, and during the night a couple of times. I don't NEED him off of the breastmilk I'm kind of ambivalent about it,
but he has over come the difficulties and for the first time he drank milk in his bottle yesterday and i was really happy for him.


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