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Fun In Union

As i had mentioned in my earlier post , that Pradhan will be going to swimming class but i think he didnt enjoy as much as i thought ,but he did overcome his fear of water and this was is last class of he was busy with only his playdate with my friends who had kids of same age .
This long weekend of september we didnt go anywhere and what ever plans we had never got into action so i thought lets visit this place called UNION ,its a Railway museum ,as Pradhan enjoys playing with train so much so we decided to go and visit this place and i asked my couple of friends to accompany us and we had fun in the museum annd more of it i got my DIL in the museum ,jokes apart here i met a small girl who was very excited to meet Pradhan and she went to extended of kissing my poor son who didnt know why she was kissing him :)

At last we rode couple of trains there and here Pradhan overcame his fear of loud sounds and now he is excited daily as we go leave Raghu to railway station.i must tell…