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Gaint steps

Pradhan is growing up so fast that he is already 2 and half so he gets easily bored so this time i thought let me put him to some of the classes so that he can loose some of his energy so i did put him for KID ROCK a class where rhymes is thought by using some instruments and i must tell he was not quite interested in the class as soon as the lady gives him is first stamp e would tell me lets go amma,then there is another class called gaint steps a prepration class for preschool where they teach the kid to stay away from mom for 1 hour and this class was a hit with pradhan he doesn't mind getting up at 8 am to get to this class ,i feel sad as there is just 1 more class left and i am excited that i will be leaving for INDIA for 2 month long vaccation yahoooooooo:)