Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fun In India

It is almost 2 months now that we are in India ,I must tell time just flies so fast i just feel its yesterday .Before coming to India i was feeling home sick because i hadn't met my parents,brother for almost 2 years,they were also eagerly waiting for us  here

I felt happy after seeing Pradhan get adjusted with his grandmother and cousins he enjoyed the stay there and he learnt to talk faster than i excpected ,everyone were happy to see him call his sister ananya as anina it became the talk of the house ,after initial 2 days of jet lag we got settled with the routine.
i wanted relish the food here in India so i had masala puri ,pani puri,cold badam milk which i drank in Asha sweets whenever i went to malleshwaram so gradually i gained weight and was feeling guilty but couldnt stop myself.
the daily routine of pradhan was to call our neighbours kids to home and play with them ,time flew so fast that Raghu came to India in december,we went back to Mavanthoor for our month long stay in the midst of nature , here pradhan enjoyed to the core as Medha [his cousin]had come to stay with us for her christmas vaccation so all the three cousins would wake up early and play the whole day ,we enjoyed seeing him play like that ,we know he would miss them all once we get back to US.

During our stay we visited Golden temple ,vellore we left home around 2:30 pm and drove for almost 4 hrs ,during which my brother drove so fast that raghu literally got scared because raghu is considered safe driver in his friends circle ,but once we entered the temple vicinity all the scareness vanished in air and we were mecmerised by the site of the temple as it was covered with gold and it was similar to amritsar's golden temple ,it was really good trip as we went as a family .and after the visit we left vellore around 9 pm and reached home around 1 am .

next 2 days we became busy and later on 10th raghu left to US and i had just 2 weeks more for me to leave all of them and fly to US

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