Monday, March 14, 2011

Having Fun with drums

I am posting this topic a bit late because didnt get time to write about this ,after coming back from india my friend called me for her Son's birthday party so i went out to the toy shop to get a toy ,Pradhan was sitting in the cart and he said to me amma i want the drum but i ignored it and i thought it would be a perfect gift to a 4 year old boy so without hesitating i picked it up and once we got home he was adamant that i open the drums for him and allow him to play it ,1 hour we tried to distract but in vain,at last we gave in and had to open the set and assembled it and gave him

To our surprise without any formal training he could play the drums as a proffesional ,we were just happy and proud of him at this small age he could concentrate on videos what he saw in youtube and reproduce it.Here is the peice.enjoy


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