Friday, March 18, 2011


When i was a child my neighbor would give me and my brother this KAJJIKAYI as they were originally from coorg they would prepare this regularly and we just loved it ,if i think of those days those where really fun..So today weather was moderate and was cold out here in chicago so i was getting this crazy craving for Kajjikayi and i decided to prepare it ,here goes the recipe

Recipe of KajjiKayi


*cardamom -pinch
*cashew-nuts - 10 numbers
*ghee - 1tbsp
*grated coconut fresh or dry -1cup
*koya optional
*maida - 1cup
*oil to fry
*raisins- 10 number
*sooji- 1 cup
*sugar- 1 cup
*water as needed

Directions to prepare Kajjikayi

  1. In a bowl add maida,ghee mix well then add little water and make a dough.
     2.Take a pan add ghee,cashew-nuts,raisins saute them and then add Sooji roast for some then add coconut grated roast till it changes colour to slight golden brown,then add koya,sugar,cardamom powder mix well and keep it a side.

    3. Now take the dough make a small thin puris stuff the mixture and spread water at the edges and press the edges and make as shape at the edges make all and keep it a side.

    4.Now take a pan add oil to fry deep fry these stuffed kajjikayi and remove when it is slight golden brown colour.

Kajjikaya has a light, crisp exterior and as you bite into this crescent shaped sweet, its crunchy texture with the subtle sweet flavor of dried coconut and sugar laced with a tinge of cardamom, stretches into every bite, leaving you very satisfied and craving for more. The sweetness of the kajjikaya is subtle that you can easily have 2 to 3 kajjikayalu without feeling heavy.

Kajjikayalu can be eaten anytime of the day and makes a great tea time snack or an after lunch/dinner dessert. Kajjikaya is similar to the popular Maharastrian sweet ‘Karanji’ which is prepared using mawa (khoya /thickened milk) instead of semolina.

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  1. wow old memories... cool weather... and kajjikai! I too want it :)