Monday, March 14, 2011


As the spring is not officially started yet our park district sends us the booklet of activities in which kids can get enrolled so this time i have enrolled him in 4 classes so he is busy 4 days of the week and is away from Thomas .
which he just loves because he gets to jump on the air bag and can do summer salts ,monkey bars everything each week they have theme and he has now another 3 classes he lost one class as he is really sick this week .and he enjoys maximum in half an hour we both head to our play date at our friends place and we get a chance monthly once and it will be at our place.

Tuesdays and thursdays-Play and learn
This is a class where Pradhan has to leave me for one hour and must be by himself this just that he is getting ready for school he enjoys these kind of classes first day he was liitle quite he didnt play with anyone he was just glued to thomas as the teacher had place those toys in the class he didnt do any of the group plays or activity table ,but as he entered into second week of the class he had made a friend and would socialize with other kids too so these where the changes i noticed in his report card as they give it every class .
I was scared the first day to send him to the class how will he react as it was a change for him after coming back from India but he was normal he told me bye amma and gave me a hug ,and he wanted me to leave second week was even worst as soon as we entered the community center he gave me his coat and told me bye he didnt want me to come inside but i had to go as he could'nt recognise his name tag and has to wash his hands before entering the class and starting the day .

As he started leaving me and going to the class i have made time for myself and started to take a walk in the tracks so i can shed some weight

Wednesday-My own time

As the name suggests here he has to be al by himself in the class even this a 1 hour class he enjoys it,the only difference here from the play and learn class is he can take crafts home which he  has  done in the class i enjoy treasuring them here is the pic showing what he is doing in the class.


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