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As Krishnajanmastami is nearing this september i was searching for besan ki laddu which can be prepared easily and fast. So after much research i found one and i prepared that it came out really well.So not talking more about this i would like to recipe with you guys..


2 cups of  Besan or Chickpea flour
1 tbsp soji or semolina
6tbsp of ghee  or you can use one unsalted butter stick
1 tsp cardmom powder
1 tbsp cashew nuts for decorations
1 cup powdered sugar

You can make powdered sugar by grinding the normal granulated sugar in a blender


In a microwave safe bowl first add the butter or ghee ,melt it by keeping in oven for 30 sec,to this add semolina and  besan powder mix thoroughly and cook this mixture on high for 2 min( each microwave  vary in their heating) mix the mixture properly and again heat for 3 minutes in intervals of 1 minute and stirring each time till the mixture is light brown colour.

Let the mixture cool and to this add powdered sugar ,cardmom powder an…