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Trip to Key- west and Disney

Just before we complete our 5 years of togetherness Raghu had planned a beautiful get away to paradise ,and my son's dream of going to  Disney Land .We planned to go with our friend so it would be fun.

Just 2 months before going to Florida in DEC we found that we are expecting our second bundle of joy.which we are looking forward to have in July, Pradhan is very much excited to have a sibling .

The first day when we stepped to  loved the weather just escaped winter for a week .We went first to Key west as it was a 7 hour drive from Florida and one of the amazing road to get there is the 7 mile bridge which is also called the overseas highway .

The best part was snorkeling both me ad raghu tried it  we saw the under-life of the sea which was amazing . The amazing part is i could swim learning swimming is one of the skills one and all should learn otherwise we miss one of the beautiful experience.
We then came to the beach and spent some jolly good time there. The sunset was spectac…


Happy New Year to you all .I hope as the  year ends we pave a way for new ones with hopes ,dreams and better tomorrow..I wish everyone a Prosperous and wonderful year ahead.

As the Year was ending  our life was filled with surprises and also hectic as we went to Disney world and Key west, a good escape from winter ;but also for my DS a memorable vaccation he was pretty excited and it went out to be fun 

I hope this year i wont be lazy as last year because i didnt write anything in the blog ;so as a resolution
this year i hope to keep updated.