Friday, August 7, 2015

Home made Dosa batter

Hi ,
Lately I have been busy with 2 kids not enough time to continue my interest in writing the blog .
Just recently my friends who encouraged me in starting up to write the blog . Few days back I arranged a birthday party for my lil brat who turned 2 .. My big boy .
In that party I had made Rasam which was appreciated and my ultimate critic friends and Aunty made me release what was a miss in my life ..
Penning down my interest my love of cooking back on my blog ..
Let me start with the Home made Dosa batter ..

3- cup (idli rice/sona massori rice)
1-cup urad dal
1 Tspn methi/menthe seeds
1 /2 cup poha/avalakki

Soak the above ingredients overnight or6 hrs in hot water (if you forgot to soak overnight)
Except for poha .. Half hour before you start grinding in mixer/ vitamix/ grinder .
Grind until smooth paste
For fermentation the batter , expect ally during winter pre-heat your oven and place your batter in the oven and let it ferment .
The Dosa will come crisp and nice the next day or when ever you want to make the batter will be ready in fridge
You can relish the hot dosa with peanut ️chutney / coconut ️chutney .

Hope  you enjoy making the batter ..


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