Friday, August 7, 2015

Home made Idli Batter

This is another batter which I prepare for a week every Sunday evening , because don't get time after coming back from work .. This is a best way of grinding the batter for a week . I grind Dosa , Uppu Huli dosa  , or neer dosa batter for a week .
Here is the recipe for making Idli batter .

1 - cup Urad dal
2-1/2 cup idli rava.


Soak the urad dal for over night / in hot water for 6 hour if you forgot to soak overnight
Grind the Dal in a mixer /vitamix/grinder . Until the batter becomes fluffy i.e. When you pick the batter and drop back the batter should be light and aerated . Once batter gets ready . I use Udupi brand idli rava I wash the raha and keep aside for a while . Once done add The tabs into the batter and mix well .. Keep the batter for fermenting in the preheated oven ( because this helps in winter as it goes 15degree below zero in CHICAGO )
You can store the batter in fridge for a week and half and relish idli when ever you want
You can have idli with coconut chutney and sambhar.

Enjoy people !!


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