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Orange Peel Tea

This new year (2017) i am motivated to lose weight and in order to achieve and cut down some diary i was searching some tea without caffeine and stumbled upon Orange Peel Tea.This sounded like interesting and I got into grove of preparing the tea as i had all the ingredients which was required for this recipe.

As we know Orange once they come into season we enjoy their delicious juicy flavor almost daily an living in US ,you could get to eat oranges almost all seasons. Orange peel not only adds its unique citrus flavor, but also contributes medicinal and healthy properties to your teas. When we peel the orange to eat the fruit, we throw away important enzymes, anti-inflammatory flavonoids, and nutrients that concentrate in the peel. The dried peel of both sweet and bitter orange is a vital component of your herbal tea shelf, as it is used in endless combinations and recipes for herbal tea blends. In general add sweet orange to calming blends, and bitter orange to more stimulating herbal …